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We are located in
Plantation/Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317.
Sorry, we don't ship our parrots.

We can deliver up to 50 miles for extra fee
 We are a small private family business.
Our cockatiels are  hand feed and very friendly.
If you want, you can come and see our baby parrots, make your selection, and leave a deposit and wait until the baby cockatiel grows up some more. You can contact me and confirm the appointment day and time.
If you know how to feed baby bird, you can get it any time
I’m sorry but we are not open to the public. 
We can meet any day from 10 am and before 3 pm.
You can order a gender determination DNA test if it's important for you.
It costs $40. (Waiting time 7-10 days)
(DNA Test not Refundable)
It’s hard to find a place in the United States that has better weather than the sunshine state of Florida.
Parrots need a great deal of attention. They are extremely social creatures and without social interaction, they can become depressed and/or destructive.
There’s lots of reasons to get a parrot; they’re intelligent, they’re beautiful, and they make excellent companions.
People often associate the word "parrot" with large, colorful, powerful birds, and rightfully so. As pets, large parrots are certainly bold, eye-catching, dynamic companions. However, not every large bird is a good pet, and not every bird lover is suited to being a large parrot owner.
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