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Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33317
More information and photo you can find on the website.
There you can watch how baby birds eat, grow, communicate, and start to get airborne

I feed baby birds until they refuse  formula

If you know how to feed baby bird, you can get it any time

Have not been DNA tested for gender but I can do it for you.

Code  GK1004
Was hatched on
OCTOBER 04 2023
Color: PIED
Code  GK1006
OCTOBER 06 2023
Was hatched on
Code  RT1026
Was hatched on
OCTOBER 26 2023
Was hatched on
Code  RT1028
OCTOBER 28 2023
Color: PIED
Code  MML1023
Was hatched on
OCTOBER 23 2023
Color: PIED
Code  MML1025
OCTOBER 25 2023
Was hatched on
Color: PIED
Code  MML1027
Was hatched on
OCTOBER 27 2023
Was hatched on
Code  K0715
JULY 15 2022
We can meet any day from 10am and before 3 pm.
Contact with me and confirm appointment day and time.

If you have any question
Text via messenger
ONLY or @ for more information.

Do not ask questions in the group that violate FB rules.
Don't frame the group.

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